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How do I know if my child needs therapy?

As adults, we live our daily lives under many pressures and stresses, which can come from work, intimate relationships, parent-child relationships, social groups, finances or past traumas. Children are no exception. At different stages of life, they face multiple challenges from school, family and peers. Often they overcome obstacles by seeking support from friends and family. They learn to survive and discover their identity as they mature.  Some children may struggle more than others when adjusting to hardships, but every child can learn useful strategies to adapt to their family, school, and life difficulties.

Professional assistance might be warranted when a child has emotions which disrupt daily functioning, or behavior that interferes with the achievement of age-appropriate developmental milestones (e.g. failing at school, separation anxiety, problems at bed time or eating, issues of expressing their needs, or difficulty in relationships).  Parents that observe these traits in their child often feel distressed or inconvenienced by their child’s “unreasonable” behavior.  They might miss work, and feel frustrated and helpless in effectively dealing with the situation.  These are some situations where outside help is instrumental in supporting the whole family.

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