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Benefits of  eTherapy

Along with receiving top quality patient counseling services, eTherapy allows you the following additional benefits:


  • No traffic driving from work place to therapy

  • Complete privacy from the comfort of your home

  • Receiving assistance from me even when you are travelling in a different city, state, or country

  • Worry-free if you have small children at home and you are the primary care giver


If you are interested, please contact me, and I will send you the consent form to get you started on eTherapy.

eTherapy with Children

Since moving my practice into Online counseling in 2021, I can’t stop thinking of more creative ways to help my young clients have an effective and helpful online counseling session. I’ve found that for the best online counseling experience, face-tracking webcams make a significant difference. In addition, being aware of children’s limited attention span during online counseling, I provide flexible session times based on the child’s particular needs, as well as working with the parents to set up a play therapy friendly environment to support the counseling engagement. With mindful use of technology and support from parents, my young clients and I have made meaningful progress through the convenience of Online therapy sessions.  

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