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 Julianne's areas of expertise

  •  Low Motivation

  •  Low Self-esteem​

  •  Adjustment Issue

  •  Isolation and Loneliness

  •  Stress Management

  •  Grief and Loss

  •  Divorce Reactions

  •  Anxiety Disorder

  •  Aggressive Behavior

  •  Depression

  •  Suicidal Behavior



I have been counseling children from 4-18 years old since 2013, as well as facilitating family dynamic and interaction with practical parental sessions. Parents often find it helpful and are delighted with how family therapy can bring them profound insight into their child.

I find children and young adults have incredible imaginations, which is a part of the foundation of flexibility for the challenges they face in life. Children develop more vocabulary as they grow more mature, but feelings from the sudden change in life, or feeling out of place, can come before they have the ability to understand what they are experiencing and explain it to grownups.


In my counseling sessions, I use client-centered play therapy, sand tray therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy to help young people see their difficulties without feeling overwhelmed. By revisiting what is limiting their progress in a safe therapeutic relationship, they are given an opportunity to re-identify themselves and develop new coping and relaxation skills. This helps them gain the motivation and energy to concentrate and enjoy their academic, family, and social life.



While working with children over the years, many adults found my practice and wished to have a therapist who understands their culture and language. 


As with children, we adults may encounter things we don’t feel completely ready for and may lose motivation or connection with our surroundings. Emotions like sadness, loneliness, fear, and anger that appear in children’s hearts can also emerge in adults and take hold. However, we adults often have many more responsibilities on our shoulders than children do, not just three or four but often ten or fifteen. Layers upon layers, we find ourselves struggling and need help resolving the uncomfortable situation during critical times.

I have extensive experience working with people from a wide range of cultures and ethnic backgrounds. My work has given me a depth of understanding and empathy that I bring to every session.

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