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What can counseling do for my child?

Here is a checklist to help you assess whether your child is capable of realizing his/her full potential in the long run. Is your child:

Motivated to explore new things?

Confident in solving problems?

Capable of finding ways to relieve stress?

Respectful and loving to others?

Confident in his/her self-image?


This checklist comprises long term goals for your child during various stages of their development, but areas of concern should be noted and facilitated as soon as possible. Mental health is a "muscle" that needs to be trained and developed, and when the muscle matures, your child will have the ability to reach the peak of success.


As a parent, you cannot always prepare your children for everything in their environments, but you can equip your children with powerful tools to navigate their surroundings- a strong and healthy inner strength, which can never be taken from them.  Children's counseling benefits children with a range of issues: It is effective intervention for children in crisis and also a helpful resource for the family undergoing minor adjustments. 



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