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I work with youth, adults, and couples. I also offer need-based family counseling sessions to support their progress. I encourage parents to work with me and their teens, as parents often find it helpful and are delighted with how family therapy can bring them profound insights into their child.

I have extensive experience working with people from a wide range of cultures and ethnic backgrounds. My work has given me a depth of understanding and empathy that I bring to every session.

My areas of expertise include:

  •  Low Motivation

  •  Low Self-esteem​

  •  Adjustment Issue

  •  Isolation and Loneliness

  •  Stress Management

  •  Grief and Loss

  •  Divorce Reactions

  •  Anxiety disorder

  •  Aggressive Behavior

  •  Depression

  •  Suicidal Behavior

  •  Sexual Abuse

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